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Hi there!
My name is Taís, I’m twenty five years old. I was born in the big city of São Paulo, Brazil, but consider myself a worldly person. I’d like to think I’ve left a piece of me in every single place I’ve visited. I live in Dublin, Ireland, a place I happily call home right now.

I love nature, animals, being outdoors and hiking around; always exploring and trying to find a new adventure. I’m crazy about languages and travelling; I want to visit all the countries in the world, every ocean and every corner.  I’m addicted to experiencing and embracing new cultures and exploring the unknown.

One of my biggest dreams in life was to go to Iceland. I’m so obsessed with this place since I was 13 years old and, when this dream came true, it was one of the best things in my life. Another big dream was to live in an English speaking country and, in 2013, this dream also came true – I came to Ireland and I have been here ever since.

I have always travelled in Brazil since I was a child, but it was only when I went on my first big trip abroad at the age 21, backpacking in South America, visiting Bolivia, Peru and Chile that I realized how big and beautiful this world truly is. This trip changed me, motivated me to follow my dreams and not to be afraid to go out there and travel the world, but also to appreciate the simple things in life.
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I’ve been blogging in Portuguese for the past 7 years, but it was only when I moved to Ireland that I decided to take my blog more serious. Finally now, in 2016, I’ve challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone and share my world and stories through my second language – English.

Here, I share my adventures around Ireland and the world, from my own personal point of view. Honestly, I find most travel blogs boring, appearing more like travel guides rather than sharing unique experiences. I try my best not to be boring and share something interesting with you, the reader.

Nýr Dagur means “new day” in Icelandic and this is a mantra I like to carry within my life. A new day means new hopes, new beginnings, and also means to learn new things; to be open and ready for what’s new and, to be surprised. This is what I hope for my readers; that here you learn something new or feel inspired to explore.

So… a Brazilian, living in Ireland, with a travel blog entitled in Icelandic? I know, random right?! But I do hope you like it. Welcome, grab your favourite drink, get comfy, put on a nice song, and let me take you on a journey.

Travelling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’


  1. Very nice to meet you “virtually.” So happy that you are challenging yourself to start writing in English. Nice introduction, especially the origins of Nýr Dagur. Wishing you many successful “new days.”

  2. Hello. I’m Iñaki from Barcelona (Spain).
    I was reading your comments and they are very interesting. I’m living in Castelldefels and I’m looking for somebody in order to speak in english. I like celtic music and traditions. You have a wonderful live. Congratulations.

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