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Tollymore Forest Park – Northern Ireland

Do you know these kind of places you see in movies and they are so beautiful it makes you think it is in another planet? Well, Tollymore Forest Park is one of this kind! But, luckily, it is located here in this world, in Northern Ireland! I still can’t believe I saw this place with my own eyes, that I was there in this fairy ...
Hikes, Ireland

Autumn hike in Ticknock // Dublin Mountains

Dublin is this incredible city where you can easily reach sea and mountains. If you like outdoors activities, hikes and to be surrounded by nature, this city won’t disappoint you! It helps us a lot as we love to hike and we don’t need to go very far to get to some amazing places. It’s all here, right at our ...
Hikes, Ireland

Avondale River Walk – Wicklow, Ireland

My personal project of doing 12 hikes this year with my Irish man is still alive and kicking, and this made me think I could double the goal for next year (Calm your tits,  Taís, you should focus on the 4 hikes left!). I can’t help myself, I’m this kind of person who likes to think ahead. This hike was number 8 of 2016 ...