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Irish Midlands: Clonmacnoise Monastery

One of the most fascinating things for me about living in Ireland is the opportunity I have to visit these kind of monastic site from millions of years ago very easily. Clonmacnoise Monastery is located in County Offaly, more or less one hour and a half drive from Dublin. We were in Athlone at the time, in the neighboring county of ...
Europe, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher by boat

The Cliffs of Moher are the main attraction in Ireland. Over a million tourists come here every year to visit this magnificent place. I’ve been there a lot of times, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of the breathtaking views. I’ve seen the cliffs by hiking, going through the main entrance, stopping by to ...
Hikes, Ireland

Autumn hike in Ticknock // Dublin Mountains

Dublin is this incredible city where you can easily reach sea and mountains. If you like outdoors activities, hikes and to be surrounded by nature, this city won’t disappoint you! It helps us a lot as we love to hike and we don’t need to go very far to get to some amazing places. It’s all here, right at our ...

Achill Island – a hidden gem in the wild West of Ireland

When I knew about the existence of this place I was in love straight away. I saw myself exploring every corner and hiking around the entire island. For some reason, I already pictured Achill Island to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t wrong! I took a while to finally make it there for some ...

A trip back in time: Dalkey, County Dublin

From the time I started living in Ireland, South Dublin was always my home, not including the first 6 months where I lived in the city centre. And, despite of my love of the area, there are still lots of places that I don’t know yet. Therefore, last Sunday we paid a visit to Dalkey. Dalkey is one of many Heritage Towns in ...
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Ínis Oírr – The Aran Islands

The Aran Islands were on my radar for a long time. Donal and I are always around the west coast, in County Clare, where the boats to the islands depart. But, we always postponed going there. I guess it’s normal that we always leave places such as these near us for another time. There are so many places on our own doorstep, and ...