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Visiting the lovely Nerja in Spain

Nerja is a small town in the south of Spain and it is part of the Costa del Sol tourist region. If you ever come to Andaluzia or Málaga, I think you should give Nerja a go and visit this adorable place, you wont regret it! I spent one week there in 2014 during the Spring time. The reason of my visit was to attend an Irish wedding (it ...
South America, Travelling

How Bolivia Changed my Life

5 years ago, I went on an adventure that changed my life, and gave me a wake up call to reality. By that time,  I had already traveled a lot around Brazil, and also visited Argentinean and Paraguayan lands, but that month backpacking was my first big international journey. I always had plans in my mind for all sorts of whimsical ...
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Leipzig – An Unmissable German City

Do you know when you visit a place without having any expectations and end up falling completely in love? That’s exactly what happened to me in Leipzig. I didn’t know what to expect from the city and went there without any real plan about what I was going to see. The reason I went there? I was going to watch a concert ...
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Tollymore Forest Park – Northern Ireland

Do you know these kind of places you see in movies and they are so beautiful it makes you think it is in another planet? Well, Tollymore Forest Park is one of this kind! But, luckily, it is located here in this world, in Northern Ireland! I still can’t believe I saw this place with my own eyes, that I was there in this fairy ...
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I have left a piece of me in Cologne, Germany

Not long ago, if you asked me which city in Germany I would like to visit first, Cologne wouldn’t have been on the top of the list. And guess what? I just loved that I was finally introduced to this amazing country through this city. I knew very little about Cologne, until the day I met a lovely German girl here in Dublin. We ...

5 things I love to do when travelling

Every person has their own personality and it influences you when travelling as well. Every person has a different style of travelling and things they like to enjoy more when exploring a new place. Over the years, and every new trip, I noticed there are certain things I am always into, and realised that those things were becoming a ...