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How Bolivia Changed my Life

5 years ago, I went on an adventure that changed my life, and gave me a wake up call to reality. By that time,  I had already traveled a lot around Brazil, and also visited Argentinean and Paraguayan lands, but that month backpacking was my first big international journey. I always had plans in my mind for all sorts of whimsical ...
South America, Travelling

Potosí – and its 4.090M of Altitude!

We awoke around 05:30am and headed to the Central Market in Sucre to have desayuno (breakfast). Our next destination was Potosí and we still needed to go to the bus station to buy the tickets. Luckily we found one within 30 minutes. In Bolivia, you have to pay an extra fee for the bus station, the prices can change from one place to ...
South America, Travelling

Sucre, Bolivia – the adventure begins!

If you read my post Beginning as a Backpacker you will see that we had a bad start to my South American adventure. Our new flight to Santa Cruz de la Sierra was supposed to departure at 4am, but this trip was a hard one from the start, and our flight was delayed 2 hours. Back in Brazil we have this saying ”I’m Brazilian ...