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Leipzig – An Unmissable German City

Do you know when you visit a place without having any expectations and end up falling completely in love? That’s exactly what happened to me in Leipzig. I didn’t know what to expect from the city and went there without any real plan about what I was going to see. The reason I went there? I was going to watch a concert ...
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I have left a piece of me in Cologne, Germany

Not long ago, if you asked me which city in Germany I would like to visit first, Cologne wouldn’t have been on the top of the list. And guess what? I just loved that I was finally introduced to this amazing country through this city. I knew very little about Cologne, until the day I met a lovely German girl here in Dublin. We ...
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Rhine Falls and the Swiss Countryside

The second part of my trip to Switzerland was a month after my first layover in Zurich. This time, my stopover there required a night stay. So, I could enjoy and go explore the Rhine Falls and a bit of the Swiss Countryside. First, I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought to go to Lucerne, as it’s not that far from Zurich. ...
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My Layover in Zurich, Switzerland

My time in Zurich was going to be short, so I wanted to make the most of it! What I want to show you here, is that you can have a really nice day exploring new places while, at the same time, keeping it cheap and simple! Often, the most interesting adventures we experience while we are travelling are unplanned, and the ordinary day ...