Autumn hike in Ticknock // Dublin Mountains

Dublin is this incredible city where you can easily reach sea and mountains. If you like outdoors activities, hikes and to be surrounded by nature, this city won’t disappoint you!

It helps us a lot as we love to hike and we don’t need to go very far to get to some amazing places. It’s all here, right at our doorstep, although I always prefer to hike away from the city. The closer the trails are to the city, the more busier they are. And, to be honest, I go to nature to run away from people; its annoying for me to go on a hike to find that the trail is crowded.

I was deliberately avoiding trails really close to Dublin, but we don’t always have time to go further. So, if we have a trail close to us, it can be really handy in these instances.


Ticknock is located in the Dublin Mountains, south of Dublin, and is really close to the city, about 30-40 minutes drive from the centre (and only 15 to 20 minutes from our house). It is a very popular spot among those who like Mountain Biking, as they have specially designed paths there for this activity.

Another thing that makes Ticknock very popular, besides the easy access, is the beautiful viewpoint of Dublin and the surrounding areas. You just have to follow the most common trail called The Fairy Castle loop, which is a circular walk, that leads you to these amazing views.


Look how small Dublin is! And these pictures can give you an idea how the sea and mountains are so close, with the city snug in between.


This walk is considered to be moderate, but the route we walked was very easy. The hills are not very steep, it is actually a nice climb. If you don’t have very good fitness, I would say it can be in between moderate and easy, as its duration can takes 2 to 3 hours, which can make it exhausting.

Ticknock is very busy (mainly during weekends, be prepared!) and to be honest I didn’t expect much. But, in the end, I really enjoyed it – well worth a wander! We went there in October, and Autumn just makes everything more beautiful, right? I highly recommend it, a nice option if you want to go for a walk in the nature and don’t need to go far from the city. If you live around here or, even visiting, give it a try; spend a nice day at the Dublin mountains, have a picnic (don’t forget to bring you rubbish home, please!) and enjoy these scenic views of the city.

img_9968 img_9971 img_9973 img_9981 img_9991 img_9997

Would you believe, while I was there I completely forgot to take a picture of the main attraction – the fairy castle! When you reach the top of the loop, you will find the castle. As we are in Ireland, everything has a magical and mythical tale behind it. According to Irish folklore, the fairies are said to live in this stone fort (you can see a pic in this link here). Cool, right?

This was hike number 10/12 of 2016 and I can’t wait for more to come in the new year!


  1. Que lindo! Eu não tenho muita noção de Dublin e não sabia que tinha esse espação verde pra fazer altas caminhadas. Aqui em Barcelona tb é assim, tem um parque enorme pros lados da montanha do Tibidabo. Tenho que dar uns passeios por lá!

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