Visiting the lovely Nerja in Spain

Nerja is a small town in the south of Spain and it is part of the Costa del Sol tourist region. If you ever come to Andaluzia or Málaga, I think you should give Nerja a go and visit this adorable place, you wont regret it!

I spent one week there in 2014 during the Spring time. The reason of my visit was to attend an Irish wedding (it is quite common here in Ireland for people to go abroad to get married). Despite getting more involved with the events and meetings related to the wedding and not doing much of touristy things, I still managed to explore a bit and enjoy what Nerja has to offer.

And, I would like to share with you guys the highlights of my trip and get you inspired to visit this gem!

One of my favourite things about Nerja was definitely it’s white coloured houses. I think the simplicity of the houses contrasting with the mountains  and the Mediterranean is what makes this place special. Isn’t it just so pretty?

IMG_9177 IMG_9183 IMG_9268 IMG_9333IMG_9375(‘little white house’)

I was gloriously spoiled with my accommodation view; waking up and seeing this every day just made me fall in love even more with Nerja.  After going through my first winter in Ireland at that time, it was a nice Spring reward to get to see this for a week.


The weather was between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius and, during the night, it dropped to 15. For me it was ideal (it was already hot enough!). It is funny that, because I am from Brazil, people here think I am used to the heat. It’s quite the opposite, to be honest.

I think going there over Spring was the perfect time. Firstly, because we didn’t experience temperatures over 30, which I don’t feel really comfortable with (nor the Irish) and,  secondly, the place wasn’t as crowded as it would be during Summer time.

During my strolls around Nerja it was always nice to find some cool shade where I  could sit and take my time to rest and admire the beach views. Nerja has stunning beaches! It was my first time seeing the Mediterranean and I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the colour of the water.

And here are some of the beaches I visited in Nerja;

Burriana Beach – which I believe is one of the most popular, the area is very nice with bars and restaurants.

IMG_9203 IMG_9187

Carabeillo Beach – this small and picturesque beach just got its way into my heart, it was my favourite beach in Nerja. It is so pretty and relaxing around there, and if I have to pick only one to visit I would choose Carabeillo with no doubt!

IMG_9344 IMG_9350 IMG_9373 IMG_93642

Carabeo Beach – this one is in the centre of Nerja, but I didn’t really go there, I only saw it from the distance yet the place looks lovely anyway!

IMG_9378 IMG_9376 IMG_9466

One popular place you will find in the centre of Nerja is the viewpoint called ‘Balcón de Europa‘. It is impossible to miss it if you are walking around this area. It is worth spending some time here admiring the views. From here you can also see the iconic beach called Calahonda, which is the postcard of Nerja. Also, you get to see Caletilla beach, right beside Balcón de Europa. Beautiful views of the Mediterranean; I guess I don’t need to say a lot to convince you that you should stop here for a while.

Around this area you can find nice bars where you can also enjoy more stunning views.

IMG_9475IMG_9469 IMG_9481IMG_9503IMG_9518IMG_9482 IMG_9546 IMG_9543 IMG_9494 IMG_9492

I’m usually more active on my trips, but I have to say it was nice to slow down in Nerja and enjoy a relaxing Spring break. I ate lots of nice food there and I had some good drinks as well. Simply getting lost in these narrow streets and finding lots of cats on my way (crazy cat lady here) was enough to keep me happy. Have I mentioned the sea? I think I will never get over those dreamy Mediterranean views!

IMG_9381 IMG_9559 IMG_9567 IMG_9433 IMG_9401

Have you guys visited Nerja before? Or, would you like to have a Spring break in Nerja as well? Share in the comments!

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Visiting the lovely Nerja in Spain


  1. Such lovely pictures, takes me back to my trip to Nerja, which was nearly six years ago now. Doesn’t look like it has changed one bit. Did you make it to the caves while you were there?

  2. Wow fantastic photos, I love some of those little beaches, they look quite private, I much prefer places like that than crowded beaches.

  3. I’ve visited Spain many time but never heard of Nerja. However your pictures and descriptions are so gorgeous that it’s definitely on the bucket list next time I go! I’ve pinned your post to save for travel adventures 🙂

  4. My friend was talking about this place and loved it! I will definitely visit one day. The beaches look so beautiful, and I want to see the Balcon de Europa!!

  5. I love those white houses! We have been in South Portugal just recently and it’s interesting how much those regions are alike; not surprising, it’s the same coastline, but still! Different countries that were probably exposed to quite some similar influences and both are a great destination for spring!

  6. Gorgeous photos and wonderful seeing Nerja from your perspective. I have to admit that I had never heard of this quaint town until reading your article. Love the clear waters and the architecture. Will certainly add in a few extra days to explore Nerja, the next time I’m in Spain.

  7. Eu tb fui pra Nerja e o motivo também foi um casamento! hahah Passei pelos mesmos lugares que você, só achei um pouco mais cheio e mais sujo…Coisas do verão…e também vi muitos gatinhos na praia!

  8. Totalmente convencida a ir, absolutamente.
    Fotos maravilhosas, sei nem o que dizer dessa cor do mar que pessoalmente deve ser sensacional.
    Adorei que seu blog tem opção em inglês, tô lendo todos os posts pra praticar meu inglês e a felicidade de entender 95% sem olhar o dicionário me deixa tão feliz que quase choro hehe

    Que venham muitas outras. Quero acompanhar. E quem sabe né pousar aí.


  9. Oh it looks so beautiful! I just love these whitewashed Mediterranean houses. To me it looks a bit like a modern Obidos, haha.

    Would love to visit one day

  10. Nunca havia falado de Nerja. As casinhas são super charmosas e que assim como você não sou fã das temperaturas muito altas. Já estive na Espanha no fim da primavera e nunca passei tanto calor! Lindas fotos. Beijos

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