Leipzig – An Unmissable German City

Do you know when you visit a place without having any expectations and end up falling completely in love? That’s exactly what happened to me in Leipzig.

I didn’t know what to expect from the city and went there without any real plan about what I was going to see. The reason I went there? I was going to watch a concert (Wardruna, a band from Norway). Music and travelling – the perfect combination! And, interestingly, Leipzig is known in Europe as the City of Music.

As my focus was the concert, I didn’t plan any itinerary. To be honest, my plan was simply to walk around and just do things spontaneously and, that was how the plan of staying one day ended up being two.

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Leipzig is the biggest city in Saxony and is rapidly attracting more visitors every year. Today, the city is considered the ”new Berlin” or ”Hypezig”, a place where you find a very young and old atmosphere at the same time. Leipzig has a lot of history, particularly as an important place during the reunification of Germany.  As well as this, a lot of big names in literature and music already have lived here, such as Sebastian Bach and Goethe.

Another notable presence is the University of Leipzig, which attracts students from all over Germany and world. I heard they are highly regarded for their courses in language studies. Even Goethe studied here. Leipzig’s culture has developed a lot since then and continues to grow today.

The University is very beautiful – and yes, it looks like a church because it was a church before
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All this mixture of History, Literature, Music and an University city, makes Leipzig an incredible place to visit – I loved it!

If you are in Berlin, it is worth visiting there, even if its just for a day; it is a short and cheap trip. I took the bus from Berlin to Leipzig with Flixbus, a company that has cheap fares, paying less than 20 euro for a return ticket. It departs from ZOB (The central bus station in Berlin) and the journey takes 2 hours.

The bus will leave you at Goethestraße, located just beside the main station in Leipzig, which is considered to be the biggest train station in Europe. Inside there, you can find a shopping centre and many nice places to eat.

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I was going to stay in a hostel located within the old town, walking distance from the main station. On my journey from Berlin, I was lucky enough to meet a Spanish girl, who happened to be visiting a friend in Leipzig. Both of them were very nice and helped me to find the hostel, all while showing me a bit of the city!

The hostel was called Five Elements, and was a reasonably priced place to stay in. I paid only 12 euros for the night, in a shared bedroom. Everything was spotless and new, the bathroom was private and huge. The shower was so good – and even better because it was one of those you don’t need to hold.

I found the city centre very interesting, as some buildings are connected to each other by ”alleys”, within which you can find many galleries. And, the access to the hostel was through one of these alleys.

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(I was too early for the Christmas market, but all the stalls were already assembled – I wish I could have stayed more and had some Glühwein!)

During this trip I took a lot of the slow travel spirit. I didn’t really visit touristy attractions and I didn’t worry if I was ”wasting my time” when I spent hours talking to the locals and making new friends, accompanied by a nice German beer and vegetarian food. It’s always nice to slow down and enjoy the place as if you were living there and not with a list of mandatory places you feel you have to visit.

If only I had more time I would definitely have explored more; no rushing and at my own pace. These two days were perfect to enjoy the nice atmosphere that Leipzig offers.

I appreciated its beautiful architecture – many people who travel frequently in Europe say that after a certain point every city just looks the same. But, even if there are certain similarities, I always enjoy and find myself fascinated by the majestic architecture of a new city.

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I walked around, stopping to take in street musicians along the way.  Somehow, Leipzig made me feel something similar to what I feel in Dublin. And sometimes, I compared the two cities in my head as “siblings”. I wonder if anyone who has been to both cities has the same feeling? Completely different, yet similar. How weird is that?

Not to mention the food; I ate very well in Leipzig, as the town is so veg-friendly. There are plenty of options for places to eat if you are vegetarian or vegan (yay!). Even if the place is not 100% veg-friendly, they will have something for you in their menu. Another positive of the city.

As I mentioned before, Leipzig is the City of Music. You will find really nice concerts here all year round. Make sure you check what events are on during your visit. Another nice thing is they offer music tours, where they visit important places, such as houses and work places of famous composers.

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St. Thomas Church – this is where Bach is buried (some people say it’s not true, that he is not there, who knows!

I fell in love with Cologne, Berlin and now another German city found it’s way into my heart.

Leipzig truly enchanted me. I really liked this city and I want to explore more, there is so much more to see and do. And, for sure, I will be back for the music, food, people and places I have yet to experience.

Bis bald, Leipzig!

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  1. Love this post! Sounds like so much fun — and I hope your concert was great. Now I really want to go see a show in the City of Music too!

  2. I have never been to Germany but have always wanted to go! I will have to make sure and visit Leipzig. I love those special destinations you have no expectations for but end up stealing a piece of your heart forever. Happy Travels 🙂

  3. Germany keeps calling my name, especially after this post. It’s such a modern, forward-moving country but rich in history. What wonderful details you go into here and perfectly complimented with fantastic photos.

  4. Leipzig is such a culturally and artistically diverse city! I had a similar experience when I visited Moree, NSW, Australia. I went there with very little in expectations but fell in love with the outback and the people.

  5. This my first time to hear about this town in Germany. Definitely worth the visit along the most common touristy destinations. I love the subtle colors of your pictures. 🙂

  6. I live in Germany and never thought of visiting Leipzig. But now I see they have some stunning architecture! Thinking to put the city on my list now)

  7. Aren’t I lucky. My friend just moved to Leipzig and will be there for a year, she said I should drop by. How apt is this, you writing how to get there from Berlin is just what I need. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Agree with you, Tais. When you have no expectations, this is when your trips end up to be the most rewarding. Sometimes you get high expectations for big cities, like Rome and Paris, and then end up being somewhat disappointed if it looks nothing what you imagined.

  9. I totally agree with you and can connect to the feeling when you mentioned of falling in love with the place, when not expected. Loved it how you enjoyed your time out there. Berlin is certainly a a very beautiful city.

  10. I have a special place in my heart for Germany. Not only for my heritage, but because it was first international experience as a young teenager 🙂 This is city is particularly charming and it makes me want to take all of my family there to experience the country! I am glad this was the place you chose to slow down a bit, slow travel is the surest way to make your heart grow fonder of any particular place. 🙂

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